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Immerse yourself in luxury with these unique Bath Bombs, created soley for relaxation and for preparing for a Ritual.

Whether you need invigoration before a Ritual , or just wish to relax and decompress those Withchy bones, these beautiful Bath bombs are exactly what you are seeking to assist you. Plus, inside each Bath Bomb is a mystery crystal to delight you even further.

"Revival Before Ritual" contains Citrus and Sage to awaken your soul and also contains crisp lemon and sparkling lime; "Hats Off Witches" for our downtime, contains Sage and Vetiver, as well as eucalyptus, lemon sheer peppermint, white grapefruit, peppercorn and white birch.

Everything is proudly Canadian made and only using top of the line ingredients and all by hand, such as 100% Virgin Coconut oil and scented with the best body safe fragrances and essential oils. Vegan, Not tested on animals, Gluten free, no chemicals, paraban free; safe for those with sensative skin.  No yucky fimly residue to worry about with these Bath Bombs, as they leave you clean, refreshed and or revitalized without the mess.

Bath Bomb

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